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Welcome to the Tax Teachings website! For years, in the process of building and growing a successful tax preparation and resolution firm, I had the opportunity to work with and mentor other tax professionals, business owners and attorneys interested in growing their skill sets in this very complicated tax code we deal with today.


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The massive amount of misinformation, bad advice and lack of understanding led me to start Tax Teachings. I am excited to help build the community of tax professionals who strive to do the best and right things for their clients! 


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Life is ever changing especially for businesses and tax professionals.  There are times when one feels a victim to circumstances when in reality one merely needs additional information or skills to shift the unfortunate circumstance from a victim position to a victorious position.  At Tax Teachings & Biz Teachings, we strive to provide the information and education you need presented in a real world context so that you can affect positive results and prevent future missteps when dealing with the IRS. 

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What We Provide

The goal of Tax Teachings is to provide courses that illuminate everything from basic tax representation to specialty tax situations for specific industries. We want our courses to provide a simple way to get the knowledge and understanding tax professionals need to help their own clients to get the best possible tax outcomes. 

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About Our Founder

Sandra Robb is an Enrolled Agent which entitles her to work within the Federal Law to protect all taxpayers against IRS errors. She protects taxpayers against unfair IRS activity and presents documents for taxpayers in an audit. Her company, Capital Tax Services (CTS), also prepares simple to complex individual and business income tax returns. CTS likes to help people and they use the tax law to do it. 

*US Tax Court Practitioner

*Enrolled Agent, National Tax Practitioner Fellow

Sandra Robb

Tax Teachings LLC | CEO

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Our education is built to introduce tax professionals to the knowledge they need to assist their clients should the Internal Revenue Service select a taxpayer …

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The Right Tools

Tax Teachings Provides Education To Those In The Business & Tax Profession

Are you an accountant or tax preparer? Would you like to learn more about the IRS and how they handle common tax issues? Do you want to see how you can prevent missteps with the IRS and guide your clients through rocky IRS and tax controversies?  Tax Teachings provides the education you need to learn more about specific tax situations and how to navigate them with the IRS on behalf of your clients. We offer classes and courses on various tax topics that will help you understand what’s happening with taxes in the United States and how best to maneuver through the difficulties of keeping up with them.

Many of our tax or accounting professionals provide tax advice and strategies to clients, but sometimes don't make the time to keep themselves fully apprised of the constant barrage of changes to the tax code. Our courses focus on giving these professionals the tools to stay abreast of these changes, strategies and knowledge to help their own clients and affect positive outcomes. We cover a variety of tax subjects from the simplicity of how to avoid certain penalties to maximizing deductions to more complicated subjects like dealing with the IRS throughout an audit or collection process.

Keeping up-to-date with these courses is a vital aspect of any professional that deals with taxes or accounting. By providing them with these online training courses you can help your practice attract new business while helping your existing clients stay up-to-date on important situations they may face throughout their lifetime of dealing with taxes, both personally and professionally.