Divorce & Taxes

When two people are married, taxes can get complicated fast. Add the complication of a divorce,what family courts might mandate, and extricating two people from that tax mess can get wildly more complicated in terms of filing requirements.

The filing requirements will vary based on the situation at hand and the intricacies that could occur with the tax law and regulations. In this course, we’ll study the individual filing requirements when a couple is separated and/or divorcing and provide tips to Family Court Attorneys, and tax professionals, regarding the culpable routine courts have engaged in telling taxpayers how to file tax returns during divorce proceedings. Understanding the complications that arise from divorce and taxes can help us protect our clients from serious ramifications.

Dealing With Court Orders & Taxes

Numerous tax professionals have struggled with questions related to divorce taxes. There are two major issues family court attorneys, accountants and tax professionals have struggled with when it comes to representing taxpayers needs when addressing divorce and taxes:

1) How their respective state determines status of individual filing requirements when filing a joint return, when two spouses have separated or divorced; and

2) Whether or not it is appropriate for courts to mandate taxpayers on how they should file tax returns.

Our course will guide you through these complications and help you understand the basics for handling these scenarios.