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Our education is built to introduce tax professionals to the knowledge they need to assist their clients should the Internal Revenue Service select a taxpayer for an audit. We will cover the various IRS employees who do the audits as well as settlement options during an audit. We will also do an in depth overview of what the presentation of a taxpayer’s documents should look like for review by an auditor.

Prepare – Preparing for an audit is stressful for your clients and involves a lot of work on your part. Our course is designed to help you be well-equipped to represent your clients when they’re audited and learn how to protect their rights when it happens.

Educate – This course is built to help you understand what happens during an audit and what all is entailed. We will help you understand the different types of IRS auditors, and other pertinent information about audits that will help you understand what to expect when guiding your clients through the process.

Document Presentation – A tax audit does not always happen over the phone. Knowing how to present documents will help you put your taxpayer’s case in the best light. This course is a great opportunity to learn from the experts about document presentation and the different formats that you may be asked to present those documents in.

Understand Settlement Options – Know what options you have during an audit and how they work best for your client’s situation. We’ll examine your client’s potential settlement options in different scenarios so you can build a plan that works best for your client.