Due Diligence – Preparer Ethics

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Understanding the Role of the Tax Preparer The IRS’ rules on tax preparer ethics under Circular 230 are rather complex. As tax preparers, it’s our responsibility to provide the most accurate results possible within the regulations of federal tax law. In this course, we will take a look at the current circular 230 rules and […]

Penalty Abatements

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This course will guide you through the process of helping clients who have run afoul of the IRS resulting in penalty assessment. We will discuss the tax penalties we see most often, what causes the assessment of the penalty and what remedies, if any, can be employed to assist our clients in gaining removal of […]

Divorce & Taxes

partial view of hands of lawyer and client, divorce decree and wedding rings on table

When two people are married, taxes can get complicated fast. Add the complication of a divorce,what family courts might mandate, and extricating two people from that tax mess can get wildly more complicated in terms of filing requirements. The filing requirements will vary based on the situation at hand and the intricacies that could occur […]

Basic Tax Representation – Introduction

IRS form 1040 Individual income tax return lies on flat lay office table and ready to fill

Working with the IRS as a professional is important, but it can also be intimidating. In the broadest sense of the word, tax preparation could be considered to be a representation of the taxpayer’s tax position. The IRS has a reputation for being notoriously difficult to work with – to the point where many people […]


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An IRS Offer In Compromise (OIC) has become an increasingly popular way to guide your client’s settle their tax debt. Especially when you are confronted with clients who may not be able to pay their entire tax burden, you may be able to work on your client’s behalf with the  IRS to review the financial […]



Our education is built to introduce tax professionals to the knowledge they need to assist their clients should the Internal Revenue Service select a taxpayer for an audit. We will cover the various IRS employees who do the audits as well as settlement options during an audit. We will also do an in depth overview […]

Basic Representation – Collections


This educational session is designed to introduce tax professionals to helping clients negotiate Installment Agreements and Penalty Abatement (PA). We’ll first go over understanding different taxpayer’s circumstances that might qualify for a penalty abatement. You’ll also learn about some of the most common penalties and how you can help your clients navigate them as well […]